In this section, you will find articles and blogs related to 'peer-to-peer' support work.  We anticipate that this will be a growing list, so be sure to check back.  Please note:  We have included a wide variety of articles and blogs here.  Inclusion here does not necessarily mean that we agree with the information or perspectives offered.  There are additional articles in our 'Evidence' section.

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Article/Blog Author(s) Source
Vermonters Using Social Media as Peer Support George V. Nostrand Rutland Herald
Case Studies in Public Sector Leadership: How to Help Peer Workers Succeed Sunny P.  Aslam Psychiatric Services Journal
Peer Support in Mental Health: Exploitive, Transformative, or Both? Larry Davidson
Peer Support in CMHC'S is an Oxymoron, Peer Support Pioneer Says Ken Braiterman
Peer Support Maria Bradshaw
Peer Prove that Recovery is Possible, Every Day Alison Knopf Behavioral Healthcare
Strength-Based Tools in Distress Model Treatment, Peer Support and Recovery Ken Braiterman
Peer Support in Mental Health and Addictions:  A Background Paper Mary O'Hagan & Kites Trust
Transforming the Traditional Mental Health System Through Peer Staffed Respite ProgramsTransforming the Traditional Mental Health System Through Peer Staffed Respite Programs Yana Jacobs
Discovering the Fidelity Standards of Peer Support in an Ethnographic Evaluation Cheryl MacNeil & Shery Mead The Journal of Community Psychology
Defining Peer Support Shery Mead
Cheers for Peers Sera Davidow
In 'Peer' We Trust Sera Davidow
I am a Certified Peer Specialist:  But I Didn't Sign On Just to be the Van Driver Steve Bell Behavioral Healthcare
Peer Specialists Can Prevent Suicides Tony Salvatore Behavioral Healthcare
A Narrative Approach to Developing Standards for Trauma-Informed Peer Support Shery Mead & Cheryl MacNeil American Journal of Evaluation
Developing Strategies to Integrate Peer Providers into the Staff of Mental Health Agencies Gates, LB et al Administration and Policy in Mental Health  
Peer Support: A Systemic Approach Shery Mead & Cheryl MacNeil
Peer Support:  A Theoretical Perspective Shery Mead, David Hilton & Laurie Curtis
A Peer-to-Peer Approach for Campus Mental Health William Mace Psychology Today
Michael Brown and the 'Peer' Movement Sera Davidow
Peer Support as a Socio-Political Response to Trauma and Abuse Shery Mead
Lessons Learned in Peer Workforce Development Lori Ascraft & William Anthony Behavioral Healthcare
Are Peer Led Wellness Communities In Our Future? Ron Manderscheid Behavioral Healthcare
Bring in the Peer Keris Jan Merrick
An Examination of the Integration of Certified Peer Specialists into Community Mental Health Centers Grant EA et al Community Mental Health Journal
Peer Respite Centers and Medication Free Madness Sancturaties: Why We Need Them Both Very Much Michael Cornwall
Why I Work in The System Malaika Puffer
Peer Support Leads New Recovery Initiatives Nick Zubko Behavioral Healthcare
Building Bridges Between Mental Health & Addictions Communities Oryx Cohen
Life at the Intersection of Health and Mental Health: When is Peer Support Not Peer Support? Sue Bergeson Behavioral Healthcare
Thoughts on the Future of Peer Run Services:  Part 1 Lori Ashcraft Behavioral Healthcare
Thoughts on the Future of Peer Run Services:  Part 2 Lori Ashcraft Behavioral Healthcare
Peer Support: What Makes it Unique Shery Mead & Cheryl MacNeil
What are Peer Recovery Services? SAMHSA SAMHSA